Hotel staff face a variety of operational tasks throughout the day, which can range from generating a shift list for the front desk staff, to fulfilling specific (and sometimes odd) guest requests, like photos of Nicolas Cage in their room.

A San Antonio hotel guest requests photo of Nicolas Cage in her bed.

But in all seriousness, none of these tasks are as challenging as afternoon turnover, especially when guests request to check-in early or check out late. Housekeeping becomes a logistical nightmare in figuring out the queue of rooms to clean before the next wave of guests. ‌‌

The checkout process is taxing for guests too. It requires them to physically go to the front desk staff when they can be relaxing, getting breakfast, or doing last minute shopping. The whole checkout process can be handled by a quick phone call or even better: text. ‌‌

The Solution

For hotels using Akia, we will automatically send the hotel guest a message on the morning of their checkout date indicating that they can text “checkout” instead of reporting to the front desk. Guests can then text Akia their email to receive the folio.

As an additional benefit, hotels who are using PMS that are directly integrated like Oracle, AutoClerk, or AAHOA*PMS (to name a few) will see that this is performed automatically without human intervention.

This is powered by Akia's scheduled messaging and custom behavior tools, one of the most useful features in our AI powered text messaging platform.                                                    

Example checkout message

The automated checkout texts are scheduled to send early in the morning, which means that guests are more likely to check out early if they choose. This reduces traffic to the front desk during busy hours and expedites the turnover process. ‌‌

Doing more with Akia

Akia not only assists with checkout, but also provides guests with an avenue where they can instantly text the front desk staff with any requests and questions. Common questions are automatically answered by the artificial intelligence (AI), saving time for the front desk and allowing them to handle other important tasks. The rest are answered directly by the hotel staff. Because there is no obvious distinction between the AI and manually sent messages, guests feel like the texts are personalized to their needs. ‌‌

Hotels that use Akia are able to provide guests with unparalleled service while gaining more insight about their stay. Akia automatically sends follow-up messages asking guests how their first night went. From there, they can let the staff know about any problems so your staff can address them directly. Learn why hotel management are time and time again, praising Akia for its ability to improve operations, customer service, and guest experience through its express checkout and unique AI-rich features. ‌‌

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