AutoClerk, Inc., a leading property management system (PMS) provider, has announced that it has partnered with Akia, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to power conversations between hotel staff and their guests.

The system, created by a team of former Facebook engineers, is more than an automated response program. It can create work orders for housekeeping and maintenance, order valet service, or call for a bellman, employing AI so that it learns when and how to best initiate responses to guests, and saving hotel staff valuable time and resources.

“Luxury travel is changing. Today's travelers want a modern experience at the touch of their fingertips,” said AutoClerk President Gary Gibb. “Guests shy away from old-school methods of calling down to the front desk. Instead, they feel more comfortable ordering dinner with their mobile device. We have teamed up with Akia to bring hotels into this new era of guest service.”

“We want Akia to be a part of the hotel's team, not just an automated responder that looks for keywords,” said Akia CEO Evan Chen. “In order for Akia to be most effective, she needs access to accurate information. The integration with AutoClerk’s property management systems ensures that Akia has up-to-the-minute information about guest stays.”

The collaboration has proven to be effective so far. Early adopters are already reporting significant time savings and improvement to their customer experience. “As more guests prefer to communicate via text messaging, Akia and AutoClerk offered us the perfect solution,” reports Rupesh Patel, who manages several hotels. “Guests automatically receive a text message to initiate conversations and Akia automatically responds to common questions, saving valuable front desk time. Our employees love the system because we are also getting fewer guest phone calls.”